Conflict Coaching

Conflict in the workplace is not always a bad thing.
But ignoring it can be disastrous .

Conflict Coaching can be a powerful tool to help manage conflicts within the workplace and in customer relationships. Conflict coaching is defined as a set of skills and strategies used to support peoples’ ability to engage in, manage, or productively resolve conflict. Conflict Coaching is training-for-one; a way to better understand conflict and how to effectively manage it. The Conflict Coach uses process skills to help the manager or employee develop more clarity about situations, enabling them to effectively and confidently make good decisions to manage conflicts into a favorable resolution. Conflict coaching can be used as a stand-alone process, or can be practiced with each of the parties in separate meetings during mediation.

Conflict coaching can be useful at any stage of a conflict, both formally and informally and should be considered when there is an ongoing working relationship or need to communicate. The Conflict Coach serves an important neutral role by asking questions, providing feedback, offering insights, and especially by active listening. The Conflict Coach helps the parties involved in the conflict to think through multiple aspects of a conflict and consider options to improve the situation empowering everyone to move forward.

If you’re facing a workplace conflict, there are three key questions you need to ask yourself:
– Are you really willing to resolve the conflict? Because the truth is, conflict will not end unless all parties are willing to end it. If you’re not willing to resolve it, you will have to live with the consequences – your call!

– Are you ready to take full responsibility for your part in resolving it? This means pointing the finger at ourselves rather than the other person.

– What are you willing to give up in order to have the conflict resolved? (e.g. being right, feeling superior, the moral high ground, being invulnerable, being a martyr or a victim).

We customize our  Coaching and training to your unique business environment, competencies, and context. We give you strategic perspectives to consider when it comes to understanding your situation and taking action with others.

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