How Do You View Your Pet in Your Life

How Do You View Your Pet in Your Life

With the proliferation of Care Animals showing up in airplanes, grocery stores, and doctor offices, I often wonder how pet owners view their pet.

There are two concepts: Anthropocentrism and Ecocentrism

Anthropocentrism and Ecocentrism are contrasting opinions on how the natural world should be viewed in relation to human beings. Pets are part of the natural world.

Anthropocentrism is a belief that the needs and desires of humans should be at the center of how society is constructed and how the world is organized and used, implying that human beings are superior to other aspects of the world including pets. In this concept, we see Life and the World as human-centered and all resources and life forms are here to serve, feed, clothe, and comfort us. Anthropocentrism interprets or regards the world in terms of human values and experiences.

Anthropocentrism is rooted in monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Judaism, which maintain that God created the world mainly for man’s benefit giving him power and influence over every living thing. I’m not a bible reader but in the Old Testament Genesis The Story of Creation it says “God made every kind of wild animal, every kind of tame animal, and every kind of thing that crawls on the ground. God saw that it was good. Then God said: Let us make human beings in our image, after our likeness. Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the tame animals, all the wild animals, and all the creatures that crawl on the earth. God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Ecocentrism see human beings as a part of nature as a whole, with no special status above that of all other living things rooted in mystical religions such as Buddhism, which emphasizes that humans are part of the same living organism as all other forms of life. It is a perspective that places intrinsic value on all living organisms and their natural environment, regardless of their perceived usefulness or importance to humans. So, if you wanted to know the main difference between Christians and Buddhists it’s the difference between Anthropocentrism and Ecocentrism.

I often wonder who make the better Pet Owner – A Christian or a Buddhist? I think a Christian would callen themselves Pet Owners, whereas a Buddhist would say I am a Care Provider. Which is a bit different perspective as Care Animals function as Care Providers for its Human Owner. This whole thing can get very confusing.

I often wonder: Is the function and/or purpose of a Pet solely to provide some form of comfort to its human owner?

I often wonder: If Pet Owners are Anthropocentric? But, is that possible?

On the other hand, Pet Owners seem to be Ecocentric. Many Pet Owners feel their Pet has the same rights are they do.

I rarely hear a Pet Owner talk about How their Pet relates to and/or infringes upon other human beings (you and me). It is sort of like a one-way narcissistic perspective. I never had a Pet Owner asks how their Pet affects me.

I often wonder: Is society moving into the direction that Pets have the similar status as humans or maybe more rights than humans? Maybe someone should have a talk with God.

Let’s forget about Pets and Care Animals, How Do You View Yourself?

How Do You View Your Pet in Your Life?

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