Happy Workplace Tips For Business Success

Secrets For Creating a Happy Workplace

Recently I read an excellent article titled 12 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy Without a Raise by Marci Martin:

I’ll add my coaching tips to create happy workplace relationships between employer-employee for business success.  Employee motivation and productivity is closely associated with good workplace communication. By applying these happy workplace tips both employer and employee can create a happy team.

  1. Be transparent. [ Don’t play games, be honest and straightforward. Say what you mean, and do what you say. ]
  1. Offer more vacation time. [ Value your down-time and use it productively to reflect upon how to be a better person, employee, and workplace colleague. ]
  1. Make work-life balance a priority. [ You can’t take money when you die and time is the one thing in life that cannot be replaced – don’t be a workaholic even if you really enjoy your job. Too much of anything is not a good balance. ]
  1. Encourage communication in common areas. [ Look for things you have in common with people. Do not dwell on differences. Everyone walks a unique path. Cherish and appreciate uniqueness. ]
  1. Create a career pathway. [ Everyone has a path. Career doesn’t have to be solely about job and work. Create a personal life path with a hobby or bucket-list of things you want to try and do. We are surrounded by possibilities and opportunities. Our choices define who we are, why and how we do the things we do to get what we want and need, and the differences between outcomes. ]
  1. Build employees up. [ Successful relationships are about creating value to each another. This value isn’t about material possessions. It’s about emotional bonds, making each other feel wanted, respected, and loved. A happy workplace thrives on recognition. ]
  1. Promote a happy workplace. [ Your personal space, your home, your office desk should reflect a positive welcoming environment where people can come and be them self with judgement or pretenses. ]
  1. Set the example. [ People complain about things they don’t like yet they often to the same things. Always ask yourself: Are my actions creating what I want from other people or are my actions fostering negatively, anger, and prejudice in others? Am I creating the happy workplace I want to work in? ]
  1. Recognize and reward employees. [ Let go of your ego and be keenly aware of your impact in motivating and inspiring others to greater achievements. We are always a moment away from a difference outcome. Simple words like: Congratulations; I’m proud of you; Expressing encouragement; Good wishes on a special occasion can create long-lasting and healthy self-esteem and bonds. ]
  1. Always say ‘thank you’. [ You can never say Thank You too many times. Use it often, teach it by example to others. Embrace the importance Thank You and how it gives recognition, acknowledgement, and endorsement.]
  1. Offer benefits beyond the basics. [ Who do you want to be? A person who lives inside yourself or a person who lives for yourself and others? Living for yourself and others is about creating ‘meaning’. What drives you and others is the feeling that you are gaining help, assistance to improve and forward to where you want to be. ]
  1. Make employees part of the big picture. [ We cannot ignore the tragedies in the World around us, likewise we cannot ignore the splendor, the beauty and all the glory that surrounds us. In the journey of life we have little meaning to ourselves but we can be everything to someone else. ]

Marci Martin article ends with the quotation “The best benefit you can provide to your employees is the opportunity to make a difference through their work and help guide the course of the company. Benefits such as clear and frequent communication on company happenings, individual and department direction, and big-picture company direction make all the difference in employee happiness.” – Anthony Smith, CEO and founder of Insightly

Complimenting Anthony Smith words I’ll add:  In happy workplace relationships, the best benefit we can provide to ourselves and to others is the opportunity to make a difference helping to guide and motivate each other. Happy workplace tips:
– clear and frequent communication;
– listening first before making immediate judgements;
– courage to revise your views;
– using recognition as encouragement;
– everyday appreciation.

~ Coach Nick