Discovery Walkabout

What is Discovery Walkabout?

Decision Coaching with Life Wisdom

Frustrated? Not Getting What You Want? Too Much Stress?

Something is missing. You desire more harmony. A lot of good-minded people will tell you what to do but not many will help and show you.

Discovery Walkabout is an innovative Coaching Program for success-oriented individuals and business owners. It is designed to broaden one’s perspective and promote prosperity through progressive leading-edge discussion combined with outdoor adventure. You will discover the inspiration and clarity to make better decisions to enhance both your career and personal life. We discuss day-to-day challenges, develop empowering win-win solutions, and create strategic life planning. We clear out limiting beliefs that block you from career achievement and personal happiness.

We provide hands-on and virtual coaching services to private individuals and companies throughout the United States and World.

Discovery Walkabout Services

Learn How To Achieve Your Ultimate Potential

Instead of fighting the current, let the current help you achieve your dreams. Reduce Stress and Frustration.

Learn to manage circumstances that are beyond your personal control. Develop Greater Self-Confidence.

Learn to overcome limiting beliefs and fears. Improve Fitness and Wellness.

Get exercise and learn preventive health tips that promote long-term mental wellness and physical health. Weight Control.

Learn to enjoy healthy eating within a “microwave” world to maintain weight without constant dieting. Decision-Making.

Learn the Art of Decision Making. How to make a decision that will have short and long-term advantages for you. Fix Existing Issues.

We all have issues that must be addressed and healed before we can start a new path. Spirituality.

Learn to be content and comfortable with your beliefs. Yet, open-minded to the acceptance of inner peace and grace. Discovery.

Break out of your existing routine. Learn to be curious, ask questions, and use your senses to explore the world around you. Vision.

Within each of us are hidden passions and talents. Learn how to develop the innate potential within you. Happiness.

Learn what happiness is and how to develop it.

Discovery Walkabout ~ Proven, Measurable Results.