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Coaching Your Employees to Success


Most organizations do not invest significant time and resources on employee performance coaching, training and development, nor do they integrate performance coaching into their talent development equation. Coaching differs from managing in a number of significant ways. Management is about planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources to achieve goals. Rather than merely telling employees what to do, directing and controlling their behavior, and judging their performance, coaches empower employees to explore, enable employees to learn, encourage employees to try, and equip employees to succeed by guiding their ongoing progress and removing obstacles that stand in their way.

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Performance coaching is an ongoing process which helps build and maintain effective employee and supervisory relationships. Performance coaching can help identify an employee’s growth, as well as help plan and develop new skills. Using our coaching skills, managers can evaluate and address the developmental needs of their employees and help them select diverse experiences to gain necessary skills. Managers, supervisors and employees can work collaboratively on developing plans that might include training, new assignments, job enrichment, self-study, or work details. Coaching provides ongoing feedback, reinforce positive behaviors, and methodically guide employees toward improving skills and competencies in order to achieve personal and organizational performance goals.

We assist companies to move towards more employee-oriented performance management, where the purpose is for managers to support and coach their employees to succeed. Real-time and continuous feedback gives the employee an opportunity to improve and ask for support when they need it. If you wait for the annual performance appraisal period, you and your employees are missing out on opportunities to improve.

We are located in Orange County, Southern California. We provide business coaching services to private individuals and companies throughout the United States and World.