Should we care about Plastic Straws?

  • cleader_icon January 4, 2019,

Should we care about Plastic Straws?
Perhaps so, as they do contribute to global pollution. But if you put plastic straws into perspective compared to the huge amount of plastic waste in our landfills and floating in our ocean, plastic straws make little difference. I didn’t hear anyone shout out to Pepsi and Coke to ban their plastic bottles. I didn’t hear anyone shout to Amazon who send millions of items in plastic envelopes. I didn’t hear anyone protest, march on the streets against grocery stores, department stores, and even REI who sent customers out their doors with goods in plastic bags. I really hate buying a six-pack with the plastic wrap holding the cans together. Have we gone too far or not far enough? Yesterday I hear we shouldn’t call illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants. In perspective, they are illegal if they enter any Country illegal. In perspective, they are immigrants as they came from one Country to another Country. So what does illegal immigrants have to with Plastic Straws? Nothing or Everything? We are twisting perspectives. Maybe we should call all entrepreneurs leech sucking greedy money mongers. Would this be accurate?

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