Oct 12

Stuck In Your Own Life

What To Do When You Feel Like You’re Stuck In Your Own Life

Sep 19

Quotations To Reflect Upon

Anything that occupies your working memory reduces your ability to think clearly without bias, judgements.

Aug 4

What is Your Soul Calling?

If the soul’s calling is about the activities you are drawn to, and the call of the soul is about staying close to your sense of aliveness, think about one passionate activity you are drawn to now, and one thing that brings you alive filled with joy today.

Jul 1

Know Your Odds?

An RV owner was paranoid about have a puncture on his coach, so he went to a statistician to find out the odds of his having one.

Jun 20

We Are All Gardeners of Our Journey

In life we are gardeners of our journey, our destiny. We plant, grow, thrive, harvest, and replant across a landscape of seasons from birth to beyond.